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— Victor Hugo

Passport Program Parent Trainer Information


This is a train the trainer course for individuals who will run parent support activities in the Passport Program. The participants in this course may be parents or members of staff. Pre-requisites for becoming a part of the cadre for parent training are: a. a well-developed set of personal communication skills, b. comfort presenting material to a group, c. ability to facilitate experiential training, and d. time and willingness to be a recorder in training sessions and provide written feedback to parents of discussion points. This program teaches use of the parent training modules by exposing participants to each one of the 13 training events. Training is modified to create meaningful learning experiences for cadre—
participants may or may not be parents of unique learners. Designed and developed by our consultant team member George Lynn, MA, MPA, LMHC.
The file consists of 13 downloadable digital documents, including overviews of the parent support program and the trainer, a parent support and trainer introduction, and 10 parent trainer modules.  

Price: $169.00