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— Victor Hugo

Passport Program Parent Support Information


Success of the Passport Program requires the whole-hearted support of parents or guardians of enrolled learners in both the home and academic setting. A central goal of Passport is to build personal resourcefulness so that unique learners can “wire around” learning problems to gain academic skills and knowledge as well as workforce specific competencies. To achieve these goals, it is critical that parents let their adult children experience frustration at home and school and hold them to expectations. The parent support training provided by Passport develops parents’ awareness of parenting strategies that promote the goal of personal resourcefulness or erode it. Note: See also the Parent Support Trainer Information file that contains critical information for training the parent support trainer. All the documents were designed and developed by our consultant team member George Lynn, MA, MPA, LMHC.
This file consists of 24 downloadable digital documents, including the following:

  • Parent Support and Trainer Introduction
  • Parent Support Overview
  • 13 Parent Support Modules. A sample topic list includes “How the experience of raising a unique learner forms us as parents,”  “The family as a learning laboratory,” “Attuning the home environment for optimum learning, “and “Essential practices for stress-hardy parents,” and nine more modules.
  • Seven Parent Support Handouts
  • Parent Support Handout Overview
  • Parent Support Bibliography with three pages of articles and books


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