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“There is only one thing more powerful than all the armies of the world, that is an idea whose time has come.”

— Victor Hugo

Passport Program Information


Our Vision is to launch highly motivated young adults challenged with intellectual and learning disabilities into successful adulthood. Passport is a comprehensive model program with a strategy for student success that begins with a focus on the whole person in three critical domains: Academics, Social and Life Skills, and Workplace Development. Although the program was the first accredited and tested degree program in the nation for students challenged with intellectual and learning disabilities, the curriculum is very appropriate for high school Transition programs, college certificate or degree programs, private academies, public schools, charter schools, homeschooling organizations, educational start-ups or residential programs. The files took years to design, refine, and implement.
The file consists of ten downloadable digital files including the following:

  • The certificate or degree requirements
  •  A three-year recommended course sequence
  •  Courses by category
  •  The courses mapped to the U.S. Department of Labor’s SCANS SkillsThe Secretary's Commissionon Achieving Necessary Skills developed to determine the skills people need to succeed in the world of work
  •  The courses by Related InstructionPASSPORT can use a model of related instruction rather than a program of general education. The required areas of communication, human relations, and computation skills.
  •  Student characteristicsa three-page paper describing the cognitive, physiological, behavior, and social characteristics of typical Passport students.
  •  Policy Guidelines
  •  Disciplinary Procedures
  •  Accreditation Notice of Intent
  •  Program Substantive Change


Price: $159.00