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“There is only one thing more powerful than all the armies of the world, that is an idea whose time has come.”

— Victor Hugo

Passport Program Grant Information


Federal, state, local and non-profit agencies and organizations are currently funding grants for students challenged with intellectual and learning disabilities. While you will need to be vigilant about finding the funding opportunities, this is great news! This documents included in this file includes five different well researched and written grants that will save you tremendous time and effort and serve as a template for your organization's funding needs. The five downloadable digital files include the following:
Model Demonstration Grant: This 25-page grant serves as an example for potential federal funding and includes detailed sections on the significance of the issue addressed by the proposed project, project design, model curriculum and support services, classroom methodology, objectives-outcomes-timelines, quality personnel, quality management plan, resources, and bibliography.
Fund for the Improvement of P0stsecodnary Education (FIPSE) Grant: This six-page grant consists of detailed sections on the problem addresses by the project,  present practice, innovative strategies for address the targeted population,  goals-objectives-work plan (with five major goals), and evaluation.
Concept Paper Grant: This 10-page nearly $500,000 grant, includes detailed sections on needs, barriers, solutions, project descriptions, timelines and deliverable objectives, and bibliography.
Seed Money Grant: This four-page grant addresses the goals and vision of the Passport Program, focus of the Passport classroom, need for funding, and a prioritized list of funding requests that includes five specific areas.
Mini Grant for $3000 or Under:  This three-page grant emphasizes needs for ongoing assessment of the Passport Program in all its various aspects and also faculty training.

Price: $99.00