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— Victor Hugo

Passport Program Admission and Student Forms Information


The Passport Program is designed to help prepare highly motivated young adults with diverse documented learning disabilities and mild cognitive delay for independent living and work skills. We found that underprepared students’ motivation and self-esteem will actually increase by a more challenging curriculum. After years of experience, we concluded that having a formal application process is critical to helping ensure program integrity and student success. Experts in the field have reviewed the educational evaluations, the IQ testing, and the psychological evaluation criteria as set forth in the standards. We hope you find these documents helpful in your program design.
The Passport Admissions Guides consists of 17 downloadable digital documents, including the following items:

  • Admission guidelines
  • Passport general admission criteria
  • Admission applicant procedures
  • Passport educational evaluation information
  • Passport application
  • Passport recommendation form
  • Passport questionnaire for applicant
  • Passport interview— applicant
  • Passport interview— parent or guardian
  • Passport math pretest
  • Student emergency contact release form
  • Student activity release form
  • Student photo release
  • Student advisory form
  • Student equipment contract
  • Student FERPA release form
  • Student equipment contract form
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