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Legal Notices

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  • Passport: The Degree Program for Unique Learners
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ReThink Higher Ed® acknowledges and thanks the extraordinary work of the students who wholeheartedly embraced the idea of a degree program for unique learners, raised their expectations, and finally worked as new pioneers of the 21st Century. Your efforts will be remembered.

Thanks also to the parents and guardians of the students who were quintessential to the success of the program.

Finally, we acknowledge all the faculty members and outside consultants in developing curriculum, assessments, and supporting materials. This was an exciting time for all of us and worth the effort. Thank you!

Lana Abrams
Carol Adams
Joan Bahrenburg
Lynne Bly
Marty Bucher
Darin Detwiler
Cindy Dupuy
Louise Grant
Char Griffiths
Tory Jones
Amy Lorang
George Lynn
Linda Smith
Laurie Stephan
Susan Vinesky
Nancy Voigt
Evelyn Vidal-Armour
Ken Wright

Note: The Passport Program information was based on curriculum developed at Bellevue Community College.